Kris Ruhs

Seoul, 2008

Waxed etched sheet metal, satin-finish anodized aluminum

The mixture of shopping, dining and care for the body is organized here in the Korean metropolis on three levels, evoking the atmosphere and image of the original store in Milan. Unlike its predecessor, the Seoul facility has a large glazed façade on the street, with an icon-sculpture by Kris Ruhs that becomes the store’s totemic symbol. Marzorati Ronchetti manufactured, transported and assembled on site the large metal sculpture that retraces, in a contemporary way, the ancient art of origami, with a sheet of steel cut out in fluid figures that interlock thanks to the zigzag bending of the vertical sheet. This large urban sculpture is joined, at “10 Corso Como Seoul,” by the sculptural bases of the display tables in the bookshop (like those of the space in Milan), and a smaller sculpture placed on the terrace. The hanging lamps in the women’s fashion boutique transform a burnished parallelepiped into a sculptural object, carving curves bent outward by 90° on the surfaces.

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