10 Corso Como Shanghai

10 Corso Como Shanghai

Kris Ruhs

Shanghai, 2013

Acid-etched iron

10 Corso Como, created by Carla Sozzani, began its activity and its innovative store-gallery formula to present fashion, design, figurative arts, architecture and contemporary photography in 1990. The zones of the multifunctional store have been expanded over the years with an exhibition space, a bookstore, a space for music, the fashion and design boutique, a restaurant and a cafe. The formula that has met with success in Milan has been transformed into the model for a concept store that can be repeated in other major cities around the world. The address in Milan becomes the name of the retail initiatives, and 10 Corso Como is replicated in different figures and spaces, in Seoul and Shanghai. For the big Chinese city the American artist Kris Ruhs has been asked – as for the other spaces – to add character to the spaces with a series of unique display fixtures, generating a striking image. For the space in Shanghai Marzorati Ronchetti has provided the custom disk lamps in acid-etched iron. Repeated in alignments or arranged in a regular grid, the circular lamps with a central truncated cone in relief create an intriguing game of reflections.

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