Firenze Pitti / Milano, 2011

High-density polystyrene covered with fiberglass and shaped by Cad-Cam programming, finished with glossy paint

Archetto is a two-sided group seat, initially designed for optimal use of small temporary spaces. The fluid form like a bow is both aesthetic and functional: it maximizes the seating capacity, while encouraging interaction, socializing and conversation. Starting from the level of the seat, the back of the structure grows harmoniously, following the overall curve and taking the form of a large “vertical fin.” A screen-back that separates the seating zones, offering cozier situations. Avoiding edges that might convey a sense of closure, the seat unwinds and folds inward, inviting newcomers to relax and join in the conversation. Archetto is made with high-density foam, shaped by numerically controlled machines starting with a Cad-Cam file for maximum cutting precision. It is finished with a material applied in a liquid state, a particular type of resin similar to the kind used for yachts, making the seating ideal for outdoor applications. Archetto is light and composed of five parts for easy assembly and transport. Electrical sockets are built into the stainless steel base, for the use of portable computers and the recharging of small electronic tools.

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