Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands

London, 2006

Mirror-finish stainless steel and black glass

A project for the lobby of an office building in London, which draws inspiration and allusions from the installation “20:50” made by the artist Richard Wilson in 1987 at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. Wilson’s idea was to create a route in a trench bordered by sheets of raw metal, cutting through a raised plane covered by black reflecting glass extending over the entire area of the room. The reflection generated a sort of deep, mysterious mirroring, balanced between solid and liquid, capable of altering the perception and the sense of the space. The artistic tension of Wilson’s installation reappears, translated into the dimension of macro-furnishings, in the large sculptural piece of the reception counter, which like a sinuous reflecting island with a top on two levels reprises the black reflecting glass for the horizontal surfaces, while the whole perimeter of the vertical volumes has been designed in shiny steel. Two recessed shutters virtually separate the base of the large counter from the floor, and that of the smaller volume from the one below. The perfect crafting of the mirror-finish steel surface, without any signs of joining, makes it possible to absorb, dilate and distort the image of the surrounding space, the different tones of light throughout the day and the flow of visitors, making the reception counter a point of reference on a compositional and dynamic level.

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