Studio Italo Rota & Partners

Palermo, 2007

Mirror-finish stainless steel, painted carbon steel

The project of reutilization and reinvention of the space has been done by Italo Rota, who with his studio approached the difficult question of operating inside this historic architectural context, interpreting the space as a setting in which to insert new figures of reference. While maintaining the structure, materials and decorations of the former oratory intact, the project creates a forceful relationship of contrast and counterpoint, emphasizing atmosphere and spatial tensions, working on the vertical dimension to create an interior landscape made of reflections, echoes and colors, without concealing the original environment. In the entrance hall with its lateral chapels, flooring in white and black marble, wooden roof trusses and a suspended wooden pulpit with painted decorations, the project has focused on the central part, intentionally keeping its distance from the architectural perimeter. A sort of “artificial grove” is formed by nine vertical mushroom structures in mirror-finish stainless steel, concluding in large white disks that reflect the light, indirectly spreading it into the entire oratory. Marzorati Ronchetti, together with the reflecting vertical technological elements that contain the lighting system, has produced the custom colored steel bookcase, another figurative features deployed to activate a relationship between the old and the new, in a single compositional synthesis that indicates innovative paths and possibilities for the delicate practice of construction inside historical monuments.

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