Marzorati Ronchetti Technical Division

Piacenza, 2004-2007

Etched bronze, wood, metallic bronze-effect sand-blasted steel, polished stainless steel

The renewal of the settlement of military origin known as Castel de’ Rossi required three years of work of the Technical Division of Marzorati Ronchetti to develop various typologies with different uses of materials, translating the desires of the owner – a contemporary incarnation of the figure of the 18th-century dilettante – into a project and its subsequent completion. After making the works in metal like the door, with an antique look, in etched bronze, the parapets and outdoor furnishings in bronzeeffect sand-blasted iron, the stainless steel parts of the kitchen and the showers, and the bronze furnishings, Marzorati Ronchetti also supplied wooden furniture in solid oak, demonstrating ability in overall orchestration, from the details to the whole, requiring skilled craftsmanship of many different kinds.

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