Ron Arad Associates

Milano, 1999

Stainless steel

The renovation of the Alain Journo boutique on very central Via della Spiga in Milan, a shop already designed by Arad and made by Marzorati Ronchetti in its first version in 1993, responds to the need to expand the retail area in the basement, creating a sense of continuity with the existing space. Small flights of steps and connected levels are arranged in the store, with a small balcony at the entrance, facing inward, from which to ascend and descend in continuous, rather Escherian movement, in a white space marked by the color of the stainless steel used for the wall studs that accommodate the fixtures in a flexible way, the cash counter in the form of a stylized, symmetrical amoeba – a figure also seen on the ceiling, surrounded by a blade of light like an effective planar chandelier – an above all by the balustrade that adds a strong note of character to the whole boutique. The stainless steel ribbon bends and is bolted at two points to make a continuous, modular figure that is a reminder of couture pleats and baroque architecture at the same time, following the steps and landings to outline an evocative, enveloping setting.

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