Vudafieri Saverino Partners

Chicago, 2013

Bronze-finish brass

The large bronzed brass door of the Buccellati shop in Chicago eloquently frames the entire internal space of this exclusive retail facility. The theme of the gateway is one passed down in the histories of architecture of different civilizations. Of symbolic as well as functional value, a large portal marked the entrance to cities, castles and temples, and was then absorbed as a key compositional feature in works of public and civil architecture, to mark the main entrance to the internal spaces. This project links back to this venerable tradition, organizing the access in a central position in the space of a large streetfront window. Flanked by two display spaces, and set back with respect to the line of the facade, the double entrance door interrupts the glass surface creating a protected threshold grafted into the overall figure. In the glass front, the door gains an ulterior frame that partially reprises the motifs of the larger one, acting as a complementary feature on a smaller scale. Marzorati Ronchetti has produced the entire structure, down to the smallest details of on-site installation.

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