Antonio Citterio & Partners

Milano, 1999

Painted steel

The project by Antonio Citterio & Partners for the multifunctional kiosk and shelter of ATM in the center of Milan remains one of the few examples of reference for the definition of a model of “urban furniture” conceived as an architectural practice in relation to the places and spaces of intervention, rather than a catalogue of objects to be indiscriminately utilized. Citterio approaches the situation with the sensibilities of an architect, paying attention to the recognizability of the place and its proportions, its history and the surrounding monumental context. The painted steel structure is placed at the center of the urban space, facing the streetcar tracks. The essential oval multifunctional kiosk for the ATM staff is organized under the large canopy, supported by a system of central pillars from which the cantilevered supports of the panes of etched glass branch out in a dense geometric design. The sum of the two parts of the project, distinct yet both components of a unified system, provides a solution of great elegance and modernity that establishes a link with historical typologies without imitating their figures and decorative motifs. 

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