Philip Baldwin, Monica Guggisberg

Venini, Murano (Venezia), 2003

Acid-etched steel with spheres of blown Murano glass

The artists Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg (born, respectively, in New York and Bern) have worked with Murano glass, exploring the materic and expressive qualities of the material, its possible uses and techniques of workmanship.

The limited-edition sculpture series “Circo di Lune” is like a small “expressive wall,” measuring 1.5 meters in length, 45 cm in height and about 15 cm in depth, that combines spheres of colored blown glass with metal material in an intriguing materic and chromatic contrast. The metal racks become the supporting “frames” to contain rows of colored spheres, crossed by sinuous vertical posts. The artists worked inside the company, side by side with the staff, choosing the positions of the spheres and varying their size and color, perfecting the shape of the posts and their orientation, transforming the Marzorati Ronchetti workshops into a sort of impromptu art atelier, bearing witness to the versatility and openness to direct experimentation of the company and its human resources.

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