Ron Arad Associates

Holon, 2008-2010

Oxidized Cor-ten treated with colored metal pigment oil

This is the first museum of design in the country, a facility that sets out to approach the impact of design culture in relation to urban design and everyday life, while also providing a flexible space for the organization of cultural events, performances and exhibitions. The spatial layout features two large unaligned galleries on two levels, offering over 2000 square meters of exhibition space. The programmed rationality and planimetric simplicity of the two museum galleries is countered by the complexity of the exterior solution, seen on the facade in a layering of five Cor-Ten bands deployed to form a continuous architectural ribbon that winds through the galleries and wraps the entire structure in a spiral, erasing any ranking of the facades and transforming the museum into a large sculptural landmark. The ribbons are over one kilometer in length and weigh 200 tons, with chromatic shading that starts from the base, with a darker band, and then shifts to lighter tones thanks to the treatment of the metal surface with a colored metal pigment oil finish. 

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