Mario Bellini Architect(s)

Frankfurt, 2011

Black carbon steel sheet with wax finish, etched glass

Marzorati Ronchetti worked on the interiors of the executive floors, designed by Bellini as spaces of great elegance, where waxed sheet metal (2 mm thick) becomes a “noble” material of reference for the entire compositional grammar of the project. For the Deutsche Bank the black metal panels are used for doors and housings, to clad walls with variable curvatures, to create laser-cut blinds featuring irregular geometric forms (thickness 10 mm) to function as screening, and for waiting areas in the entrance foyer. Another outstanding feature is the curved internal staircase connecting the meeting rooms of the 34th floor and the function room on the level above. The staircase follows an arc for a height of over five meters. The light sequence of etched glass steps stands out against the black background of the sheet metal that forms the special balustrade, with a shaped cylindrical handrail, separated by means of a white segment from the calendered iron wing that continues, on the upper level, as a conclusive protecting element. 

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