Ron Arad Associates

Rimini, 2006

Polished stainless steel, bronze, glossy painted carbon steel

“I don’t want to make people feel at home, because they are not at home.” This is how Ron Arad summed up the project for the duoMo hotel in Rimini. The “emotional factor” plays an important role in the design of the hospitality spaces, the overall image and the street frontage, with a bronze stringcourse interrupted by small chromium-plated pillars, of this design hotel located in the center of the capital of the Romagna Riviera. The work done by Marzorati Ronchetti focused on the large bar on the ground floor, where once inside the large bright red double door marked by a central porthole, guests find themselves in a space where the careful use of materials (bronze and polished steel) is combined in an expressive way with the overall design choices. Bronze covers and forms the large counter at the center, creating an equipped island that surrounds the pillars clad in mirror polished stainless steel, creating bends and becoming the reference point of the whole space. The sheets of the same material that form the slats of the suspended ceiling descend seamlessly to cover the walls that become seats, furnishings that are part of the architecture, not detached from it. A total environment where metal is the protagonist, in the finest tradition of interior architecture, revitalized in this project by Ron Arad in a contemporary, futuristic way.

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