Karim Rashid per / for Ivan Mietton

IMDA 2010, 2010

Shaped aluminium sheet, glossy paint finish

A chair conceived as a single piece of curved metal featuring parallel cuts that determine the figure of the object while creating a certain structural elasticity. Karim Rashid, the versatile designer of Egyptian origin raised in Canada, has approached a wide range of scales in his design career: from architecture to interiors, fashion to furnishings and lighting, combining this practice with frequent incursions into the worlds of art and music. In this project for a metal chair the exuberance of his approach is clearly visible, thanks to the chromatic choices of the two pieces produced by Marzorati Ronchetti: Klein blue and a semitransparent golden finish that transforms the seat into a sort of “contemporary throne.” The compositional concept is very clear. The finished chair is shaped from a sheet of aluminium, without any mechanical connections of separate parts. It develops and takes form like a supple sculpture, a monolith figuratively lightened by a series of parallel incisions that make the final image similar to that of a system of vertebrae, balanced between the animal and plant kingdom.

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