Michelangelo Giombini

Milano; Index, Dubai, 2003-2006

Etched iron, mirror-finish stainless steel, black painted steel

First created for the event “Earthly Paradise” organized by the magazine Interni in Milan for the FuoriSalone 2003, the “Ella-V” counter system, composed of three separate parts

that can be combined for different uses, was applied on that occasion for the bar corner of the vent, to make small sculptural icons that were also precise functional elements. The rounded “cookie” form of the plan is combined with the twostorey vertical extension, marked by a V-shaped opening for connection. Like the blocks of a “Froebelian game” on a larger scale, the three parts can be infinitely multiplied to construct different environmental geometries and gathering places, performing different functions as display fixtures for trade fairs and shops, bar counters or consoles in the home. The original etched iron finish with iridescent accents of green and violet was enhanced, for the Index Fair in Dubai in 2006, with other possible finishes (black paint and mirror-finish stainless steel), examples from a practically infinite range of custom options, made to order by Marzorati Ronchetti.

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