Croci Marcaccio Architects

Milano, 2005

Polished stainless steel

The idea of thinking about furnishings in architectural terms, of making furniture design a component of the architectural project to the point of making it a tool capable of conveying a wider-ranging, more programmatic idea of space, belongs to the history of Italian design and the culture of space in our country, ever since the Renaissance. For the entrance to an office building in Milan, a small space beside a vehicle entrance, the architects set out to resolve the functions of reception and control of pedestrian and vehicle access with a large mirror-finish steel counter, conforming to the compact size of the architectural space while representing the image of the company in a dynamic, contemporary way. The reception counter bends to form an irregular U shape, offering a top of different depths and a desk surface at a lower level on the inner side. The reflecting monolith is virtually detached, not making contact with the marble floor, to create a balanced separation that enhances the compositional solution and the overall volume. The fine workmanship of the joints and the perfect unity of the results contribute to bring out the value of the outer reflecting surface that amplifies and alters the image of the surrounding environment.

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