Studio Italo Rota & Partners

Triennale di Milano, 2006

Reflecting and brushed stainless steel

The “Room of origins” (or also the “House of Adam”) is an installation produced by Marzorati Ronchetti and designed by Italo Rota for the exhibition on the major themes of architecture, past and present, organized by Rota with Fulvio Irace at the Milan Triennale. The “Room of origins” approached the theme of the roots of architecture in the relationship between man and inhabitable space. The form of the tent, shiny and reflecting on the outside, matte on the inside, is a reminder of the first shelter for nomadic man, while at the same time the pattern tattooed on the entire surface, by laser, of the frontispiece of the 18th-century treatise by the abbé Marc-Antoine Laugier on the origin of architecture from nature (1753), with the birth of the myth of the “primitive hut” as the figurative root of the architectural orders, harks back to the basic theme of every constructed project. Finally, the “textile” construction of the single steel panels, specially curved to produce an effect of soft yielding, leads back to the lesson of Gottfried Semper on the theme of the art of weaving and the architectural skin.

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