Speirs & Major Associates

Edinburgh, 2005

Polished stainless steel, curved and frosted glass tiles

In Edinburgh, in 2006, restoration was completed by the architect Malcolm Fraser of the historic headquarters of the Bank of Scotland, a building with domes and pinnacles built in 1806, and a familiar landmark in the city. All the spaces have been restored to their original state, bringing back the atmospheres of the past and renovating decorations and rooms. In the complex work of restoration of the monumental Bryce Hall (the central image space of the building), it was decided to introduce a contemporary feature (the only one in the whole project): a large central chandelier by the light designers Speirs & Major. The figure of the classic chandelier is reworked by the designers only in the circular form, centrally suspended, in this case using two circumferences of different sizes, one fitted inside the other. A first circle, 3 meters in diameter, composed of small panes of extraclear curved and frosted glass, using a pattern developed by the designers, contains a second circle (ø 2 m) that repeats its material and figure. Each pane is attached to an internal support structure with studs of polished stainless steel. Inside, a pointed trunk in the same material supports the cluster of lights; eighty bulbs attached to direction-adjustable arms, forming an effective weave of luminous points wrapped by the double circle of glass.

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