Luca Trazzi

Trieste, 2000

Mirror-finish stainless steel

A macro-furnishings project created by Luca Trazzi as a symbolic object capable of representing the excellence of the Illy brand, the uniqueness and quality of its outstanding coffee. This is the task performed by this steel counter, a strong, assertive reflecting monolith that at the same time interprets the tradition of the space of the Italian caffè-bar, the modes of consumption standing up at the counter, the quick enjoyment of a flavor and aroma that are loved all over the world. In the form of an oblong horseshoe with rounded, beveled borders to underline the sculptural shape of the whole, the café counter for Illy already defines a space with its form, reflecting its surroundings on its surface. The central logo of the company emerges from the reflections of the steel to identify the quality and exceptional character of the furnishings with the philosophy of the brand, according to which “what is good cannot help but be beautiful, and vice versa. ” A work of furnishings conceived to represent one of the finest national coffee trademarks, used not only in the company headquarters but also at trade fairs and events, as a recognizable travelling icon.

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