Foster & Partners

London, 2000-2004

Shot-peened stainless steel

The new entrance of the extension of the Imperial College Business School is part of a large campus that has been a project of the studio Foster & Partners since the early 1990s. The new portion has been conceived as a sort of covered square that adds a full-height space on six levels to an existing facade, which is transformed into “interior frontage”. Designed by Foster & Partners and produced by Marzorati Ronchetti, the long reception counter stands out for its absolutely clean form and monolithic appearance, also generated by the matte treatment of the steel. Slightly raised off the stone floor thanks to a sturdy recessed panel that corresponds to the raised level of the floor behind, the long metal monolith, free of signs of joints, with slightly rounded borders, features a counter aimed towards the public, on a lower level with respect to the main surface, optimizing usage and enhancing the overall figure.

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