Archer Architects

London, 2007

Polished stainless steel

The reception area and the waiting zone of this office building in London have a character based on refined chromatic and compositional verve. The curved multicolored wall of overlaid backlit plastic parallelepipeds forms a backdrop for a luminous installation composed of a vortex of neon light hung from the ceiling, a direct reminder of the famous work by Lucio Fontana created for positioning above the flight of steps of the 9th Milan Triennale in 1951, in the context of the exhibit design by Luciano Baldessari: a magical ribbon of light that has been reproduced today, to hover over Piazza Duomo in the spaces of the new Museo del Novecento in Milan by Italo Rota. The force of this interior landscape in London relies on the structural pillars of the building, which have been uniformly transformed into powerful cylindrical columns in mirror-finish steel, produced and installed by Marzorati Ronchetti, which reflect the lights and colours of the overall space. These are landmark presences, monoliths of steel that stand out, thanks to their material and figure, from the compositional grammar of the environment while remaining a part of it, establishing a close relationship of harmonic counterpoint that contributes to enhance the setting as a whole.

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