Locanda alla Mano

Locanda alla Mano

Studio Italo Rota & Partners

Milan, 2014

Painted steel, Stainless steel

The project of the “Locanda alla Mano” inside Parco Sempione, developed by the social cooperative Contè and supported by Repower, offers a new dining facility and gather place at the service of the park and the city, with the goal of encouraging insertion of disabled people in the world of work, in a venue for good cuisine and solidarity, illustrating the resources of disabled or socially distressed persons. The name of the facility, based on a common phrase that means “down to earth,” also indicates the idea of “lending a hand,” while underlining the genuine aspect of interpersonal relations, a sense of familiarity and simplicity in human relations. The large vertical hand supplied by Marzorati Ronchetti, in pink with stainless steel fingernails, thus becomes the emblem of the large wooden kiosk, a symbol that adds character to the Locanda and a contemporary folie, a reinterpretation of the whimsical features found in 19th-century romantic parks.

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