Odile Decq Benoît Cornette Architectes Urbanistes

Roma, 2010

Steel and backlit frosted glass

Odile Decq has a place on the contemporary architecture scene that is constructively contradictory. Her architecture is incisive and sensual, bent on questioning the future and shaking up the present. The Macro museum in Rome appears as a museumscape that reassembles the existing industrial structures of Società Birra Peroni, extending with a large glazed corner volume towards the city, drawing it into an enveloping, dynamic route that continues all the way to the roof, designed as a sort of large terrace-garden that rejects the introverted character usually assigned to museum buildings. The design of the furnishings, in this context, has a very important role. An architectural promenade is created in the internal spaces, where accessways and geometric forms flank the bright red perimeter of the large central conference room.

Even the rest rooms for visitors are a part of the program, and the zone that contains the washstands, custom-made by Marzorati Ronchetti, is an unusual, surprising space with walls in mirror-finish steel that create an infinite perspective. The luminous washstands are the outstanding features, parallelepipeds clad with panes of frosted glass, backlit with white and red Leds, and with a sculptural top that creates sinuous hollows of great sculptural impact.

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