Studio Italo Rota & Partners

Biennale di Venezia, 2006

Polished and painted stainless steel

For the Venice Architecture Biennale the DARC (the Ministerial Agency for the promotion and protection of contemporary architecture, at the time) addressed the themes of the worksite, public construction and the image the organization of construction work transmits in our country. Italo Rota summed up the figures, signals and primary activities of the worksite in symbolic, almost esoteric form, organizing them in four iconographic families of reference: “Washing, Dressing, Planning and Nourishing.” The imagery as symbol of everyday labors, displayed on four large quadrangular panels, was positioned as the façade of a suspended cube for a pavilion, with a reflecting steel base featuring four caryatids in the same material, portraying construction workers with their helmets. The installation, entirely produced by Marzorati Ronchetti, was positioned in the garden facing the Italian Pavilion, as a strong symbolic signal. 

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