Patrick Kinmonth (concept), Space Architects (collaborative architects)

Los Angeles, 2010

Facade composed of a steel framework with bands of matte white powder-coated aluminium

Marzorati Ronchetti has produced and installed the unusual, expressive facade solution, which in the intentions of the designers symbolizes and narrates the values of the productive tradition of Missoni. The powder-coated aluminium strips are overlapped and supported, imitating the weave of yarns on a loom, on a concealed steel structure. The regular parallelepiped of the store is completely covered by the resulting weave, which is also clearly visible from inside. The architectural skin is interrupted and sculptured by the opening for the recessed entrance door and those of the shop windows, which unite the retail space with the scene on the street. Inside, daylight filters through the facade pattern, generating striking effects of light and shadow, while at night the gaps between the horizontal bands come alive with light from the interior, making the monolith into a porous, sparkling, light and lively form.

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