Ron Arad Associates

Tel Aviv, 1994

Painted and etched steel, bronze tubes ø 1.5 cm

The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, one of the most ambitious cultural projects in Israel, designed by the architect Ya’akov Rechter, also set out to become a major center in the urban fabric, in an area also marked by the presence of a library, office buildings, a museum and the Ministry of Defense. The theater foyer thus became a sort of symbolic space, a place, first of all, rather than a zone of transit, capable of communicating in three-dimensional terms the importance of an innovative public space of great appeal. Among a range of international designers, Ron Arad was selected to give an image to the entrance lobby, seen as an “environmental hinge” between the city and the concert hall, an extroverted foyer that would welcome visitors, encouraging them to socialize during intermissions; a “social space” in which the city’s cultural elite can meet, discuss and participate in public life in a way that is informal, but one no less meaningful than that of more “official” occasions. At a time when Cad 3D design was still in its early phases, the dizzying compositional geometry invented by Arad for this prestigious interior was drawn by hand in the Marzorati Ronchetti plant in Cantù and then produced, in three-dimensional

form, with walls of variable shape that are transformed into continuous benches and shelves, built with bronze tubing supported by burnished steel posts. This complex “architectural skin” is also used to cover several central pillars. 

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