Noguchi Go Go

Noguchi Go Go

Johanna Grawunder

Paris, 2013

Stainless steel Colored acrylic

This essential suspension lamp is dedicated to Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), the American architect and designer, artist and set designer of Japanese origin. Among the many works of Noguchi, the extended family of Japanese paper lamps are a constant reference point for the history of contemporary design. The project by Johanna Grawunder links back to this variegated, rich sector of design research of the great master in terms of analogy and formal references. The lamp hung from the ceiling is composed of two distinct parts; the first, closer to the ceiling, is a parallelepiped, open at the bottom, in stainless steel painted matte black on the outside, while the inside where the material keeps its natural color reflects the light onto the four walls. The second element of the object is attached to the first volume of the lamp by means of four slender steel cables, forming its external “shell.” The parallelepiped of pink acrylic “slides” from its metal core downwards, producing an intriguing play of luminous transparencies.

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