Sir Anthony Caro

Ivory Press, London, 2003

Polished stainless steel, bronze and brass

A metal sculpture by the artist Anthony Caro, like a precious, symbolic book. This work created in close collaboration with Marzorati Ronchetti links back to the idea of the book as an age-old object, of reading as a process of knowledge and a human activity necessary for every civilization (“reading means approaching something that is just coming into being,” Italo Calvino wrote).

The work of shaping, defining and modifying the “pages” and the whole volume was done in the artist’s studio in London, evaluating different alternatives to achieve the final result. A specially designed and manufactured mechanism hidden inside the sculpture makes it possible to effortlessly open to metal page, offering the sensation of leafing through paper pages thanks to a system of gears and micro-jacks that absorb the real, sizeable weight of part of the sculpture. The work is a limited edition. Each piece has been built and finished by hand, giving the metals a striking materic patina that enhances the overall volume of each piece and the sculptural shape of its forms.

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