Tihany Design

New York, 2004

Etched bronze with wax finish, milled bronze sheet, mirror-finish shot-peened stainless steel

Located in the vicinity of Columbus Circle and facing Central Park in New York, the Per Se restaurant offers Manhattan the cuisine of the renowned Californian chef Thomas Keller and his famous venue The French Laundry in Yountville. Adam Tihany, an expert architect in the field of restaurant interiors because he is not only a capable designer but also a refined gourmet, has created an environment that combines tradition and contemporary style, figurative memory and materic experimentation. While the seating references the classic, elegant restaurants of bygone days with its reassuring wooden image, with upholstered portions and Viennese cane sides, a tone echoed by the large carpeted area of part of the dining room, a floor in bronze, milled in segments to resemble tiles, is joined by ceiling beams in the same material, combined with the use of mirror-finish stainless steel (for the serving station and Geridon). A suspended glass display case floats in the space, beside a matte steel frame reprising the design of the geometric railing that marks the level shift that adds movement to the dining room. 

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