Marco Zanuso Junior

Galerie Italienne, Paris, 2006

Laser-cut sheet metal, press-formed, welded and gloss painted in a range of colors

The limited edition of “Policromi” produced by Galerie Italienne and made by Marzorati Ronchetti is a family of objects and furnishings with bright colors, including tables and chairs, stools, seating and small tables, and a curious candy dish with the ancestral form of a folded paper boat, a universal childhood pastime. Every piece in the series “is conceived a bit like a work of origami.You start with steel sheets; they are etched or cut by laser, then shaped and welded. The various pieces are designed with a particular geometry that creates a mutable perception effect: looking at the objects from different positions, their weight and form seem to change, creating an image that is always different.” (M. Zanuso). The careful crafting of each single piece is joined by the perfect painting of the parts that conceals the essence of the steel material under intense colors that remind us of a Harlequin mask.

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