Brodie Neill

Gallery “The Apartment”, London, 2010

Mirror-polished stainless steel rod

The Reverb Wire Chair by the Australian designer Brodie Neill, manufactured by Marzorati Ronchetti for Patrick Brillet, and presented at “SuperDesign London” in 2010, is an ethereal chair that plays with the relationship between volumetric presence and structural lightness. Produced in a limited edition of just twenty pieces, the chair is based on the form of a geometric vortex, a system made with steel rods that repeat to form a rhomboidal grid with openings of different sizes. The gaps widen towards the outside, reaching the circumference in the same material, made with the same steel rod that closes the edge, while the openings get smaller towards the central fulcrum, where the tapering funnel-like space forms the seat and the support trunk of the chair. 

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