United Designers Europe

London, 2006

Polished brass and etched brass

Presented while still in the development phase at the Milan Triennale during the Fuorisalone 2006, the large ribbon sculpture now hangs at the center of the restaurant of the Hilton Park Lane in London, where it stands out as a visual fulcrum of reference, suspended from the ceiling. Made with two ribbons of brass with different finishes (polished and etched) that embrace each other in an apparently random way, the Ribbon stretches for 13 meters in length, sparkling in the space and bringing out the properties of the material used. Inventing a sort of new typology, the chandelier for indirect horizontal lighting, Ribbon is composed of two long bands of brass, with a thickness of 3 mm and a width of 45 cm, that intertwine in a sculptural form, framed by a large niche created in the suspended ceiling, with indirect light spreading from the entire perimeter. The light bounces off the sculpture, which becomes a refraction device of variable geometry, producing different, mutable reflections triggered by the bends and shape of the overall body. The glow of the polished brass is joined by the more muted shading of the etched finish. A hybrid object, between an art installation and a lighting fixture, evidence of the great care applied in manufacture and finishing by Marzorati Ronchetti, on every scale, in every project.

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