Arik Levy

Milano, 2008

Mirror-polished steel

Presented for the first time in Milan during the event “Interni Green Energy Design,” the Rock Giant “environmental sculpture” by the designer Arik Levy (born in 1963) is a meeting point between the natural and the artificial, a sort of horizontal or vertical mirror-menhir that reflects the surrounding landscape, becoming an iconic, monolithic presence. The Rock series has been produced on different scales (two were featured at the event of Interni magazine). Levy explains: “In large outdoor spaces [these metal rocks] seem like the products of an advanced civilization. In an interior, they seem to come from a nature that is more familiar to us. The reflection of historic architecture on the steel rocks also creates a visual link between past and future”.

In the Court of Honor of the State University of Milan, the reflecting prisms absorbed the classical architecture of the building on their surface, breaking up the image with the steel facets of their formal solution. Positioned in a forest or a garden, Rock Giant becomes a feature that “appears and disappears,” reflecting visitors and the environment. A sort of magical macro-object, a steel meteorite that simultaneously represents the uniqueness and serial character of the everyday world, defined on a symbolic level by the facets of its surface.

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