Giombini Kind

Index, Dubai, 2005

Acid-etched iron with iridescent effect, mirror-finish stainless steel, glossy black paint

The idea of making the sardine an icon of reference for the Marzorati Ronchetti stand at the Index Fair in Dubai, and of using its stylized form to offer examples of the company’s metalworking prowess, plays with the contrast between the humble folk-culture image of the fish and the “luxury” of metal objects with different finishes, like acid-etched iron with green and violet iridescent tones, mirror-finish stainless steel and glossy black painted metal. Michelangelo Giombini designed the Marzorati Ronchetti stand by lining up nine large sardines transformed into tables with a mutable image, almost essential graphic signs, to demonstrate the company’s fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. In this sort of “can of sardines” open to the public and organized in inhabitable form, the nine tables attached to the floor, with mirror-finish stainless steel tops, supports in the same material and bodies coated with glossy black paint displayed the heads of the fish, corresponding to the ends of each table, treated with different iridescent finishes to offer a catalogue of possible techniques and a necessary diversity in unity to convey the range of personalized, flexible workmanship involved in the firm’s custommade creations.

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