Cristiano Benzoni, REV

Paris, 2011

Texturized matte black-painted carbon steel

The table designed by Cristiano Benzoni for a private apartment in Paris sums up – in its formal solution and conceptual approach – the method of redesign (applied, for example, by the Castiglioni brothers) and of the reinvention of the design project. The idea is to observe the objects around us with curiosity, to grasp the value in time of a form or a type, then rethinking the figure in all its complexity in a contemporary way, at times with a focus on new methods of industrial production. In this case, the traditional artist’s worktable on trestles, taken as an “archetype” to conserve, becomes a large table for use in the office or the home, reflecting the “amphibious” nature of many contemporary furnishings. The solution employs the “sawhorse” in an innovative way, using it as a central beam to support the top. The latter has an extended hexagonal form and a variable section that widens from the slender border towards the central connection. In this way the supports of the table do not interfere with the legs of persons seated around it. The overall figure is lighter, exploiting the properties of the material and its structural strength.

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