Johanna Grawunder per / for Ivan Mietton

IMDA 2011, 2011

Barrisol Polished stainless steel, silver painted sheet metal, Barrisol sheet

In the entrance of the house the first chandelier, “Slash,” is like an abstract installation composed of an initial rectangular part in black painted sheet metal with Barrisol sheet used to uniformly spread the variable-tone Led light. The light emerges like an upper halo, colouring part of the ceiling, to indicate the intentional separation between the lamp and the domestic surface. This first light element is joined, in the lower part, by a system of suspended tracks in mirror-finish stainless steel, on which to attach cylindrical spotlights. In the living room the second chandelier, “Circle Game,” plays the role of a central steel sculpture based on the interlocking of circumferences and cylinders to create a complex figure with rings at different heights. The light sources are fitted with coloured opal glass, adding a rich chromatic range to the monomateric steel solution. Finally, a series of blue Leds colour the ceiling, creating an effective play of reflections on the mirror surfaces.

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