Aqua Creations

Valencia, 2002

Polished stainless steel and silk

Stand By is the name of a large chandelier conceived as a permanent installation across the two levels of the large architectural space of the Oceanogràfic complex in Valencia designed by Santiago Calatrava. At the center of the pavilion with its repeated vaults, the large system of lights is like a tribute to the underwater world, its animals and plants. The cascade of disks of silk organized on a radial stainless steel structure 13 meters in diameter resembles a swarm of innocuous jellyfish, but also a colourful marine plant on a gigantic scale.

The structure, of great visual lightness, seems to float suspended in the space; the flexing effect of the arms on which the individual lights covered with silk are attached has been tested by means of complex static calculations. The central trunk, the heart of the installation from which the slender steel rods of the system of lights emerge and intersect, is like a rounded, oblong kernel, tapered at the ends to form two points connected to the main cables that hold the entire complex structure in tension.

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