Stephen Street 1

Stephen Street 1


London, 2014

Heat-laminated steel, finished with wax

The hall and entrance space of London office buildings are usually carefully designed to produce an overall image, conveying the character of the tenants of the work levels above. The 1 Stephen Street building already faces the street with an icon of reference: the large metal number 1 with recessed sectors, resting on the sidewalk like a totem indicating the entrance to the hall. The hall has a regular rectangular form and features a luminous ceiling composed of large dome lamps with gold inner finish. Between the white ceiling and the pale flooring the vertical walls function as a figurative and materic connection, hosting various compositional episodes: an inset wooden bench that forms a large lateral niche, flush-mounted doors and a large entrance door where the number 1 seen outside is engraved on the metal in the same large size, with concentric sectors. Together with the sculptural number 1 on the sidewalk, Marzorati Ronchetti has produced the internal full-height metal wall covering, crafted by hand for a particular materic effect, enveloping the whole space.

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