Tempesta Solare (Sunshields for Iwaki Odori)

Tempesta Solare (Sunshields for Iwaki Odori)

Kerstin Brätsch with the collaboration of GianCarlo Montebello

Galleria Giò Marconi, Milano, 2012

Kiln glass colored with pigments Telescopic stainless steel arm

The young German artist Kerstin Brätsch has applied the tradition of colored glass in her research for some time, like temperas or oils to spread on canvas. The overlaying of stripes of pigments and the transparency of the material make glass tiles into marks of color that combine the dimensions of art and skilled craftsmanship. In “Tempesta Solare (Sunshields for Iwaki Odori)” created for Galleria Giò Marconi in Milan, the interchangeable glass tile is attached to an extensible and directional telescopic arm designed by GianCarlo Montebello and custom-made by Marzorati Ronchetti, which has worked for artists and installation on many occasions. Glass, unlike painting, interrupts the constant materiality of each piece, pushing Brätsch’s research towards something more variable. “In my work I am trying to approach abstract anxiety and to visualize something that is not precisely linked to the visual dimension, like radiation and warmth,” the artist says of her quest to get beyond the traditional notion of painting.

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