Foster & Partners, Museum Design Team

London, 2000-2006

Shot-peened stainless steel, black waxed sheet metal and etched back-painted glass, bronze and crystal

Marzorati Ronchetti has produced the custom furnishings created by the renowned British design studio, setting a precedent as the only company to have inserted a curved reception counter (black waxed sheet metal with panes of white back-painted glass) in the restored historic circular Reading Room, where no contemporary furnishings are allowed. Another large circular reception counter (shotpeened stainless steel with white back-painted glass panels) is positioned as a fulcrum of reference in the Great Court, together with the linear, precise information system of the Museum, composed of totems and self-supporting framed panels. Marzorati Ronchetti has also produced light railings to protect sculptures, an “Explaining Desk” in bronze and, in the same material combined with curved panes of glass, a curious exhaust cylinder at the entrance, activated by a pneumatic mechanism on the entire circular border, for the contributions of visitors to support the activities of the Museum.

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