The Wapping Project

The Wapping Project

Kris Ruhs

London, 2012

Acid-etched steel, Polished stainless steel

Opened during the 2012 edition of the London Design Festival inside the cavernous Boiler Room Gallery, the installation by Kris Ruhs combines his designer side with the character – dominant, in this case – of a total artist. In a space left in shadow, with theatrical accent lighting, Ruhs accumulates leftovers, pieces of wood and rubber, groundup tires and pieces of metal, twisted and etched fragments, like the remains of fearsome accidents. Next to a labyrinth composed of used inner tubes, almost like alien intestines left out do dry, a sparkling, floating contrast is provided by a large chandelier hanging from a custom helical steel structure made by Marzorati Ronchetti, from which pendants of Raku pottery are suspended, lit from inside for a dazzling effect. A the base a slightly concave circular element in mirror-polished stainless steel functions as seating for the audience and amplifies the figure of the chandelier above, capturing its image inside its perfect perimeter.

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