Silvia Scarpat

Silvia Scarpat, 2008

Zinc, stainless steel, painted steel, glass

A multibrand boutique in the province of Milan was the design program approached by Silvia Scarpat, creating an interior landscape rich in materic episodes, a precise overall orchestration to bring out the best in the collections and individual accessories on display. The handbags, for example, are presented thanks to a zinc wall featuring a dense pattern of quadrangular segments assembled at different depths to make the entire surface threedimensional. In this sort of monomateric metal mosaic with chromatic variations dictated by the worked material, a series of niches finished with reflecting stainless steel contain the handbags, like from above by built-in spotlights. The forceful image of the zinc partition is joined, in the interior spaces, by a landscape in which design furnishings of great character and vivid color stand out, deployed as fulcrums and reference points, and flanked by a series of custom display fixtures in which metal and its craftsmanship play a leading role. Glass volumes with a steel base, tables of different sizes, lighted platforms and shelves in white painted steel, storage elements with tops in matte treated steel, garment hangers in stainless steel, all made by Marzorati Ronchetti, combine to create a refined, linear retail setting for the clothing and accessories of the best contemporary fashion brands.

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