Nicoletta Colombo

Muggiò (Milano), 2003

Painted steel, brushed steel, etched glass, window frames with painted iron inner finish and aluminium outer finish

The element of visual reference for the whole construction is the double steel and glass custom staircase that extends along the glazing both inside and outside, like a “Janus Bifrons.” The image of the staircase enters, appearing like a reflection, from the special glazing composed of panes of blue glass on the outside, to shield the inside – where the glass is transparent – from view during the day. The ascending ramp, interrupted by a landing, is composed of a central beam that is part of the casement and also interlocks with the complex chamber glass system, which features light frosting of the glass on the inner side, and prevents any type of thermal break even at the position of the support beam, thanks to the use of a panel of polizene, a rigid high-density insulation material. The cantilevered steps attached to an essential support structure have treads in etched, skidproof layered glass (three 10

mm sheets with a polished border), with a central transparent line at the position of the line of low-consumption lighting powered from the beam of reference in the middle. Inside and outside, the luminous staircase is fitted with a brushed steel parapet that continues on the facade to complete the profile of the terrace and the movement and interlocking of the volumes. 

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