Ron Arad Associates

Tokyo, 2003

Powder-coated aluminum

For his prêt-à-porter line “Y’s”, the famous Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto commissioned the studio of Ron Arad to create the flagship store of the new retail chain. Arad’s idea was to use the available space for a single large zone, without external signs, covering the pillars to transform them into functional, appealing figures, conveying the image of a space of lightness and movement. The same material and detailing solution have been used to cover the four pillars of the space, but here the bands bend and wind around the structural members to create a series of “abstract trees” that become counters along their trunks, display fixtures and figures of reference whose boughs bear “precious fruit” that constantly changes: namely the various collections. The fluid, striking figure of the four display pivots, produced by Marzorati Ronchetti together with the complementary counter, is underlined by their rotating mechanical movement thanks to electronic motors hidden inside the overlaid metal rings. Their speed varies at different times of day and for different display needs: very fast at night, very slow in the morning, adapting to the functional needs of the store and its image, offered to its audience 24 hours a day.

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