Rémi Tessier

, 2011

Stainless steel, wood

The involvement of the culture of design and architecture in yacht interiors, once conservative havens of wood and brass, clinging to the canons of the “classic” English tradition, has radically changed the expressive scenario of the new spaces of contemporary yachts, in terms of both size and details. This staircase designed by Rémi Tessier fits right into this trend, thanks to its exceptional design, attention to detail and constructive perfection. With a semicircular form, it is contained by a stainless steel panel topped by an overhanging handrail, seamlessly marking the end of the surface. The wooden steps have steel edges, essential lines to prevent slipping on the overhanging border, below which a line of Led lights is inserted and concealed. The mirror finish of the steel triggers a game of reflections, giving an evocative image to the flight of steps.

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